Motocross Knee Brace

motocross knee brace

When selecting a motocross knee brace, it is important to make sure that the device provides maximum protection while being comfortable. It is recommended to choose one that has a gliding hinge that replicates knee movement, thick straps, and a tether connection to the boot. The tether connection allows the brace to rotate at the same time as the boot, preventing injury to the knee. A motocross knee brace also helps prevent injury to the leg bone, as old rigid braces can tear ligaments and break bones.

These Are Especially Useful For High-speed Riding

In addition to offering maximum protection, many motocross knee braces interfere with performance and make it difficult to enjoy your sport. The Human Motion(r) hinge system is an innovative solution that mimics ligaments to reduce strain on the joints and knees. It also acts as on-demand support, ensuring that the knee brace fits your body perfectly, allowing you to ride with confidence and safety. The K4 Knee Brace by Pod MX is lightweight, durable, and comfortable, making it a great option for motocross riders.

The most common time for knee injury to occur is during cornering. The majority of motocross and enduro riders extend their inside leg next to the front wheel. Incorrect cornering technique can lead to rotation of the knee and cause the leg to turn, resulting in injury. The motocross knee brace prevents hyperextension of the knee. It also prevents a rider’s leg from being overly extended or under-balanced when landing.