Which Zodiac Sign Has the Most Murders?

what zodiac sign has the most murders

what zodiac sign has the most murders Of all the zodiac signs, which is responsible for the most murders? Virgos have a reputation for being violent maniacs, but the truth is, not all Virgos are criminals. One of the most notorious Virgos, Henry Lee Lucas, was sentenced to death for one case, but was acquitted of a number of other unsolved murders.

While Capricorns aren’t as violent as other signs, their dark side makes them especially prone to crime. They may murder for the purpose of revenge or jealousy. They are also highly intelligent and highly organized, which makes them prone to committing petty crimes like hacking and burglary. Some Capricorns even have a sadistic streak.

According to the FBI, a correlation has been found between astrology and criminal behavior. While the numbers aren’t conclusive, there is evidence that astrology does play a part in criminal behavior. For instance, cancer killers are more likely to commit a crime if they’re jealous of another person. Cancer people are also more likely to be mentally unstable, which makes them more likely to commit crimes.

The most famous murderer in history was the Candy Man. This man owned a candy factory and was known as the worst serial killer in U.S. history. His victims were mostly children. He also gave away free candies to them.