How to Reduce the Cost of Your IVF Cycle

Aside from the ovaries, the embryos that are used to create a baby in an IVF cycle are the most crucial element in the success of the procedure. Embryos that are of high quality tend to have a much greater chance of leading to a healthy pregnancy. The specialized process of selecting embryos and using them for in vitro fertilization requires skill and experience, which can be obtained from a reputable fertility clinic.

Ritu IVF treatment costs vary depending on the clinic you choose and the number of cycles you undergo. However, there are some ways you can reduce the cost of your IVF treatment. Some clinics offer a reduced rate if you choose to use frozen rather than fresh eggs. Others offer a reduced rate if you agree to use a cryobank or agency to obtain your eggs.

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Another way you can reduce the cost of your IVF cycle is to participate in a clinical trial or study. While these programs may not cover all of your medical expenses, they can significantly reduce the cost of IVF. You can find a list of available trials and studies by visiting the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s website.

Dr Ritu Hinduja is a Gynecologist, Obstetrician, and Fertility Specialist in Mumbai. She has over 15 years of experience and is affiliated with renowned hospitals in the city. She completed MBBS from S.N. Medical College, Agra & MS in gynaecology from the same institute. She also attended FOGSI recognised advanced Assisted Reproductive Techniques training from Ruby Hall Clinic IVF Center at Pune & Dr Malhotra IVF Clinic at Agra. She has a very good feedback from her patients.