CBD Oil Canada – The Committee’s Terms of Reference

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The committee’s Terms of Reference specified the intention to develop a potential pathway for non-prescription health products containing cannabis, with emphasis on safety, efficacy and quality. The committee was encouraged to reach a consensus in providing advice wherever possible, but where a consensus was not achievable, the members were asked to reflect on the diversity of their opinions and to ensure that the deliberations were fully recorded.

CBD Wellness North of the Border: A Deep Dive into CBD Oil in Canada

The committee recommends that a pharmacist be available to advise consumers on the purchase and use of health products containing CBD. Pharmacists would be able to flag potential drug interactions, explain dosing and reinforce the importance of reading product inserts. They could also encourage consumers to report any adverse reactions. The committee also recommends that any health product containing CBD be clearly labeled as a “drug” and that it be labeled to indicate that the drug should not be used by people who are pregnant or breastfeeding or those who have a medical condition (such as epilepsy) for which other treatments are not effective. This would help to differentiate it from products sold in the recreational cannabis market, which are not regulated as drugs and cannot make any health claims.