Do Airplanes Have Vape Detectors?

How to vape without setting off smoke alarm smoke detectors play a critical role in ensuring the safety of passengers and crew during flights. They are designed to detect smoke particles and the byproducts of combustion. Since e-cigarettes and vape devices produce vapor instead of smoke, it is likely that these devices would not trigger airplane smoke detectors.

However, that doesn’t mean that passengers can freely vape on board a plane. In fact, if they are caught, they may face fines or even be banned from flying with the airline that they are on.

Tips for Vaping Without Setting Off Smoke Alarms”

As we all know, smoking on airplanes is strictly prohibited due to the risk of fire hazards from lit cigarettes and e-cigarettes. However, some passengers still try to sneak a puff in the lavatory. Korean Air has reported that its smoke detectors can discern between cigarettes and vapor, making it easier to catch a passenger who is breaking the rules.

If a flight attendant notices a passenger vaping in the bathroom, they will call the flight deck and ask who it was. Magee says that it’s in the best interest of the passenger to come clean because if they don’t, the plane could be grounded for two hours while the crew investigates the reason for the alarm.

She also stresses that the best way to avoid setting off a smoke detector on a plane is to be stealthy. Instead of using a public bathroom, she suggests that passengers head to their seat and use a small vape pen in their pocket.