With the increasing popularity of beach pop up tents, a new version of the product is being released with the intention of providing consumers with a new variety of tents that can withstand the harsh environment of the beach or pool. Pop up beach tents are available in two different models that feature different designs and features. These two tent models are the H-Frame Pop Up Beach Tent and the Rocker Pop Up Beach Tent. Both models feature durable, lightweight frames that are easy to assemble. The frame of both types of tents are constructed out of heavy duty aluminum or steel.


The H-Frame Pop Up tent is one of the best tents for a family vacation that is suitable for all sizes of family. The tents have a large door that allows easy access for the adults. This feature also gives the family access to their toys and games while not being exposed to the elements. The other feature that is included with this model is an adjustable sleeping area with built in chairs. The front door is also a large open space and it opens and closes quickly. The large door provides enough room for the children to play games and get a good amount of air during their visit.


The Rocker Pop Up Tent is another great option that many families choose for their family vacations. The large open area is similar to that of the H-Frame Pop Up. It has an adjustable ceiling that can accommodate the weight of the adults. The two different doors also allow access to the sleeping area. The Rocker has the same features as the H Frame Pop Up but is manufactured in a larger size. It also has an additional bench area for extra seating. The large open space provides more comfort for the family and allows the children to be active while watching television.

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