Breakthru College course is a great platform that allows high school athletes to find opportunities in sports and connect with coaches. The app is very user friendly and the team behind it really cares about the growth of their users. It is a refreshing change from the social media platforms out there that seem to be more focused on making money rather than helping student athletes grow into young adults.

Students will examine selected historical, philosophical and social problems and promises that are relevant to contemporary education. The course will focus on developing critical thinking skills through reading and writing several analytical essays. Satisfies Writing Well competency.

Unveiling Breakthru College’s Course Offerings

This is an advanced college course and students should have the required prerequisites for this course before enrolling. This course is a great way for students to get a head start on their higher education and can cut down the time it takes them to finish their degree by a few months. Students who take these types of courses often cite that they have more confidence and academic engagement when they enter college. In addition to this, these courses can be a great way for students of color or those from low-income backgrounds to gain access to subjects that may not otherwise be available to them in their schools. This is why it’s important that more students have access to these types of classes. I spoke to a few high-school alumni who took advanced coursework and they all cited how much these courses have helped them in their lives.

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