Bchsenmacher Thringen


Bchsenmacher Thringen

The rifles are characterized by their accuracy and high-performance. The precision and performance of the rifles are further increased by the addition of additional weights. They feature a heavy ANSCHTZ target barrel, which is a small bore but very accurate. The rifle is designed for precision and durability and can be easily adjusted for an individual balance.

Where you can find Gunmaker/gunsmith? 

The Büchsenmacher in Thüringen  is home to the Friedrich Schiller University, Thuringia’s largest university. It is ranked among the best universities in Germany. The university offers programs for engineering, medicine, science, and the arts. It also offers international exchange programs. In addition to this, the city also has many other cultural and historical institutions.

The Buchsenmacher of Berlin



The Buchsenmacher of Berlin is a family-run company. These craftsmen are tenacious and highly skilled. The Buchsenmacher’s family business was founded by the Triebel family in Berlin-Spandau. In her childhood, Katja Triebel grew up in West Berlin, which was then free of the DDR.URL

What you should know about Gunmaker/gunsmith?

Berlin Grunen erheben Waffenbesitzer’s Kontrollgebuhr. Dies is a practice that already exists in other Bundesländern. The Grunen want to keep the peace. They are working with the local police to protect the public and prevent further escalation of violence.