choosing the perfect shade of blue for your porch

Whether you want to ward off evil spirits or simply add a pop of color, a blue porch ceiling is an easy way to elevate your exterior. “As the fifth wall,” says Christian Ladd of the design firm, the ceiling can help define a space, and blue is an excellent option for adding height. Plus, it reflects sunlight and is more enduring than most other colors. And, of course, it can also ward off bugs and birds.”

The shade you choose the perfect shade of blue for your porch will have an impact on the look of your home—and even your mood. A bright turquoise might feel energetic and tropical, while a muted slate blue could feel sophisticated and modern.

There are endless shades of blue to choose from, but the key is to find a hue that fits your exterior and complements your decor. “It’s important to consider the colors of your house and landscape when selecting a shade of blue for the porch,” says Cheek. “It’s a good idea to connect the look of your porch’s ceiling with the surrounding environment for a cohesive appearance.”

Blue Bliss: Finding the Right Hue to Transform Your Porch into a Serene Retreat

A soft, soothing shade like Sherwin Williams Meander Blue works well on porch ceilings because it’s versatile enough to pair with other colors. This light blue paint color has a subtle green undertone and pairs well with Sherwin Williams Turkish Tile, Glimmer, and Dusted Olive for a fresh and welcoming exterior.

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