salt lamp

The salt lamp is often described as a type of fairy lamp. This could not be further from the truth as this unique lamp has a mystical quality about it that many are drawn to. While the design may seem as a small item, the Mijenos designed the lamp with a creative spirit behind it. The salt lamp has no other purpose other than to add light to a space, and it’s one of the most practical and artistic lamps you can find.

How To Save Money With Health Benefits Of The Salts Lamp?

The Salts Lamp was born out of a love for interior design and a desire to use a unique style for a lamp or lighting fixture. They wanted something unique that would reflect their artistic nature as designers and that would also bring color to their home decor. Once Aisa Mijeno and her brother, Raphael, created the first salt lamp, they knew that it had to reach its intended target market: those who were interested in Feng Shui and Native American design. By creating a lamp that combined the natural beauty of the Native Americans’ art with western design elements such as a light bulb that incorporated pink salt crystals, they found a way to incorporate two seemingly incompatible elements into their creation.

Salt lamps release negative ions that help to draw air in to rooms and open them up to a more relaxing ambiance. This can be beneficial for your health when you are trying to get rid of tension and stress and to unwind after a hard day. Many doctors recommend adopting a natural and holistic approach to healing and pain reduction. Because the salt lamps release negative ions, you are able to benefit from these positive ions without using prescription drugs. If you suffer from arthritis, hypertension, or chronic pain, you should definitely consider adding one of these unique lamps to your home to reap the many health benefits they offer. You’ll be glad you did once you start feeling the difference!

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