It is well known that IT companies are always on the lookout for good talent. That is why, as a recruitment agency, I always strive to maintain a pipeline of highly talented people just waiting for a chance to shine. With the global recession in full swing, it has become increasingly difficult to get a good person into an IT company. That said, if you are looking for a skilled person to hire from abroad, there are a few key points that may help you decide whether you should be using a recruitment agency or whether you should try to source the person yourself. If you are sourcing the person yourself, you will want to know whether the person is actually eligible to work in Africa. It is illegal for an employer to ask their foreign employee whether they are eligible for work in Africa. See website for more information about IT companies.

IT Companies in Durban

It companies in Durban itself however is much more lenient towards local workers. If you do come across one of these IT recruitment agencies in Durban, South Africa which is advertising in your local market, take some time to check out their website. You can then see if they have actually sourced someone from South Africa who is qualified to work for your company. In addition, you can then contact the person to ask them to send you a resume. Most of the recruitment websites will then allow you to then select candidates from this list, and you can usually view their qualifications, as well as their experience.

Recruitment agencies, while a great source of qualified workers, also have other benefits for those who wish to relocate to South Africa. For example, most of these recruitment agencies offer housing and other related services when they recruit. This means that once the recruitment process has begun, you will not need to worry about having to find housing for yourself once you arrive in Durban. If this is the route that you wish to take, then make sure that you contact your recruitment agency before making any formal arrangements. If you do that, then you should be able to get housing within just a few weeks, providing you were serious about the position that you applied for.

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