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Ticketmaster has been accused of overcharging fans for Bruce Springsteen tickets change seats ticketmaster, and now the company is under fire again after moving Taylor Swift fans to different seats during her recent tour. The move has left fans “very annoyed” and even tweeting about their frustrations on Twitter.

How to Change Seats on Ticketmaster

If you want to swap your tickets, you can do so through the Ticketmaster website. The process is relatively simple and should take no more than 5 minutes.

Use a PC, Notebook or iMac to buy your tickets

The best device for purchasing tickets with a discount code is on a desktop PC or Apple iMac, where the full functionality exists and you can choose many more seating options and pricing.

Mobile devices are great for buying tickets on Ticketmaster, but they have limitations that impede the process. For example, the Ticketmaster app on an iPad does not support Adobe Flash, which means you can’t use the interactive seat map that shows where you can sit.

The Ultimate Guide to Changing Seats on Ticketmaster: Everything You Need to Know

Getting Good Seats with Ticketmaster

For most major events, only about half of the tickets are available to the general public. This is primarily because most of them are held back for industry execs, season ticket holders, event insiders, and credit card pre-sales promotions.

Unless you’re an insider, you’ll struggle to get tickets for popular concerts and other events. Ticketmaster says there are ways to increase your odds of snagging a good seat, though they can’t change the system that determines how much tickets sell for.

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