Whether your crew works overtime on the oilfield or is working through the night on a major civil project, they need plenty of illumination. Light tower hire is an excellent option to illuminate your construction site or event area at night and it’s much cheaper than hiring a crane or other equipment for the same purpose.

How long will a light tower run?

There are many different light tower options, and the one that’s best for your needs depends on the size of the worksite you need to illuminate and the types of lights you want installed. Also, consider the power source: How long does the machine need to run before it will need to be refueled or recharged? Some models use internal combustion engines, while others use batteries, solar panels or a combination.

The mast height and lighting wattage are other important considerations. For example, cartlike or compact standard-duty light towers are ideal for smaller construction projects, while taller industrial heavy-duty models are well suited for large-scale construction or excavation.

Finally, think about where the light tower will be used and the weather conditions it may encounter. If you work in an area prone to extreme weather, opt for a more rugged and durable model that will stand up to high winds or intense heat and cold.

Lastly, make sure the light tower has proper grounding to protect your workers from potential electric shock. This is an important safety feature for any power-generating machine and it’s especially important for light towers, as the exhaust fumes can be toxic if inhaled.

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