With its wide range of features, the Norton Utilities Review suite can help keep your computer running smoothly. It can remove junk files, clean up system components that affect performance, identify and eliminate unneeded startup programs, and reclaim hard drive storage space. The suite also helps protect your digital privacy by erasing browser file downloads and protecting personal documents. Its simple interface makes it easy to carry out 1-Click Optimization and monitor the health of your PC.

Is Norton Utilities premium any good?

Among the many tools in this utility suite is NetBooster, which can optimize your Windows Internet settings and reduce lag time. It can even detect hidden errors and fix them, resulting in faster Internet connections. The tool can also improve your device’s security by scanning for malware and viruses, and removing them when found.

The other main feature is the Norton Utilities Clean tool, which does a good job at identifying and eliminating Windows junk files. It can also scan for and remove orphan and dangling registry entries that cause slowdowns, crashes, and other functional problems. It can also defragment your hard drives for improved file access speed and performance.

The software’s other tools include a Startup Optimizer, which can speed up program startup and shutdown times, and a Disk Defragmenter that increases hard disk defragmentation performance. The tool can also scan and repair hard drives that are displaying signs of damage or a decline in functionality, as well as notify the user when it finds repairs that should be made.

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