Overstock bin  offer a treasure trove of discounted products, including electronics and household items. These stores specialize in selling overstock and returned inventory that companies are unable to sell through traditional channels. Thrifty shoppers love these stores, which are also known as liquidation bin stores or $5 bin stores.

The premise of these stores is that customers dig through products that are displayed in bins or boxes that may not be organized in any particular order. The products range from clothing to furniture to electronics and more. The prices in the store drop daily, meaning shoppers can often find items at half of their original retail value.

Liquidation bin stores are able to offer such low prices because they purchase the inventory in bulk at a lower price per unit than normal retail suppliers. This is an excellent option for both businesses looking to buy large quantities of a product at a discount and individuals who are seeking to find unique or hard-to-find items at the lowest price possible.

Overstock Bins: Unveiling the Hidden Treasures of Discounted Surplus

Stephen Hennessey, owner of Overstock Liquidation in Lexington, has been reselling and flipping items since his elementary school days. He recently opened Overstock Bins in an old Goodwill store on West Main Street, which features pallets of unsold or returned merchandise from chain retailers that customers can peruse through in stilted bins. The store opens Friday morning and has a different pricing structure each day of the week. For example, items are priced at $4 on Tuesdays and $2 on Wednesday, while they’re $1 Thursday and the craziest day of the week, when you can fill your bag with 25 items for $25.

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