Working with pallet racks comes with several, specific safety concerns. These include falls from high heights, collisions with other equipment or structures and damage to the racking system itself. Following warehouse pallet rack safety tips can help prevent these hazards and protect workers’ health, well-being and inventory.

How do you secure a pallet rack?

One of the most common pallet rack safety concerns is overloading. It’s important to ensure that everyone is aware of each rack’s maximum load capacity, and that they err on the side of caution when loading it up. A few extra pounds can add up quickly and lead to serious injuries, damaged equipment and ruined inventory.

Inspecting the racking regularly is another important part of pallet rack safety. Make sure there is ample space for lift trucks and other machinery to maneuver, and that pallets are placed evenly across beams. Uneven placement can cause the weight to shift, leading to collapse and injury.

Warehouse managers should also be on the lookout for excessive beam deflection, or bending. This can be a sign that the racking is overloaded and needs to be repositioned or even removed completely.

Lastly, it’s critical to have clear guidelines for reporting any damage that is observed. Warehouse workers should be encouraged to report any potential hazards without fear of repercussions. This will ensure that faulty racks or supports don’t continue to pose an ongoing risk to site safety and that they can be repaired promptly.

Taking care of these common pallet racking safety issues can go a long way in protecting your employees, your reputation and your bottom line. Practicing these tips will reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and costly repairs while keeping your warehouse efficient.

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