Residential resin flooring is a popular choice for high-traffic areas and commercial spaces due to its durability, low maintenance requirements and hygienic properties. However, it can be used throughout the home and lends itself to a range of interior design schemes. The glossy finish helps to reflect light around the space, and the seamless design makes it an ideal replacement for floorboards in rooms with lots of glazing. It can also be used in a garden setting, helping to bring an indoor-outdoor aesthetic into your home.Check this out

Resin floors are extremely resistant to stains and chemicals, meaning they require minimal upkeep. They are also non-porous, preventing the build-up of bacteria and promoting a hygienic environment. They can be easily cleaned by mopping or gentle scrubbing, saving time and resources and ensuring that the flooring remains in good condition.

Choosing the Right Look: Options for Residential Resin Flooring

The versatility of resin flooring means it can be adapted to suit almost any style of interior design, from traditional to contemporary and Scandinavian. It can be combined with other materials, such as timber, metal or tiles, for a mixed-material design. For example, the addition of a tiled inlay can help to create a more textured look while still maintaining the smooth surface of the resin.

Epoxy and MMA resin flooring are the most common types of resin floor. The former has a very short curing time, meaning it can be installed and cured over a weekend, and is highly customizable to precise industrial requirements such as slip or chemical resistance.

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