the 80s fashion

The 80’s fashion was the decade where fashion was bold and crazy. It was also the era where makeup and accessories became an important part of the trend. Many fashionistas today look back to the 80’s and think back to some of the styles they saw in the eighties.

80’s fashion was all about bright colors and a variety of fabrics. It included asymmetrical details, dangling earrings, large tote bags, and sunglasses. Some of the accessories included rubber bracelets, neon leg warmers, and statement earrings.

The fashion world of the 1980’s was influenced by pop icons and music stars. In particular, Madonna’s “street urchin” look was hugely influential.

The Iconic Styles of the 1980s: A Retrospective Look

Other 80s fashion trends involved asymmetrical pieces, stripes, and bright colors. The makeup was also popular, with the eyeshadows of the time utilizing shades of blue and pink.

There were many styles and fabrics to choose from, from leather jackets to denim. Some 80s styles were unisex. One style for women was called harem pants. These pants were similar to dropped crotch pants, but they were made from psychedelic patterns.

Some men wore a more conservative wardrobe. Although most men tended to dress conservatively, some were influenced by the 80’s fashion trends. Stylish tee shirts and sports attire became popular in the mid-80s.

80s fashion continued to make comebacks in the 1990’s, with big label designers starting to bring out collections in the style. Music superstars like Madonna and Michael Jackson inspired teens.

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