Casters are an important part of the steering system in a vehicle. They enable the wheels to turn at a low speed. In addition, they provide a smooth and safe ride.

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Among the different types of casters, there are two types that are common in the automotive industry. The first type is a positive caster. This is characterized by a line that slopes towards the rear of the vehicle. URL :

Another type is a negative caster. This occurs when the lower mounting point of the hub is in front of the upper mounting point. However, the positive caster is the most common caster in the automobile industry.

Both casters affect the steering wheel’s stability and ease of steering. The negative caster may cause the vehicle to swerve to one side, while the positive caster keeps the vehicle stable in a straight line.

Casters are also known as “rake and trail” in the American English. These terms refer to the angle of the steering axis compared to the vertical axis. Usually, street cars are built with the factory set caster angle.

The caster angle of a car can be adjusted by adjusting the toe and camber. It is also possible to change the suspension geometry to adjust for different car problems.

To determine whether a vehicle has a positive or negative caster, the steering wheel can be turned and the front wheels lifted off the ground. The bubble gauge on the wheel hub will indicate the caster.

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