Wet pour is a popular playground surface but even the highest quality installation will see wear and tear over time. This is because the material is so pliable and versatile but the good news is that this can be repaired quickly and easily to make sure your wetpour area remains safe for kids to use.

A small amount of damage to your wetpour surface should be fixed straight away to prevent trip hazards from developing. This could be from play equipment, vandalism or atmospheric conditions. Wetpour Repair kits are a great way to fix a minor problem yourself. These kits come with a bucket of EPDM rubber granules and polyurethane binder glue to enable you to carry out the repairs yourself.

The Science Behind Wetpour: Understanding the Materials for Repair

Another common wetpour repair is to repair the edges of shapes and designs within your safety surfacing. This is because the rubber can often start to shatter or degrade over time making the edges of the design loose. This can be repaired by creating a chase or channel cut, removing the existing rubber, priming the existing edge and then filling in with new wet pour to create a flush or graded finish minimising any potential trip hazards.

It’s recommended that you do a daily or weekly inspection of your rubber surfacing to look out for any damages that may need to be repaired. This is because the earlier any issues are spotted the easier and cheaper it will be to fix them. Also, leaving a damaged area unattended will likely lead to further problems developing that could be more costly to resolve.

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