The Cabrini Obstetricians are located in Brighton, UK. The name Cabrini is a combination of two words, the first being “Cabrini” which is from the Venetian and the second one is “obstratens” which means uterus. This clinic is a member of the British Medical Association who has an impeccable reputation for providing exceptional services to both women and their babies. Many doctors working here have also received additional qualifications making them eligible to prescribe medications and performing a number of other duties such as surgeries and even gynecological examinations on patients.



In order for a woman to become pregnant, she must go through the pregnancy process which usually begins with a consultation at the Cabrini Obstetrician in Brighton. After this point, a variety of tests including sonograms, ultrasound, computer scans and personal visits from the doctors will take place in order to confirm whether or not the woman is pregnant. If the pregnancy is confirmed, then further tests such as a c-section pregnancy test and a pregnancy test will be conducted and the mother will be informed of the exact due date that she should look forward to.


Once all of these steps have been completed the pregnancy will begin and a number of things that need to occur in order to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy and delivery for both mother and baby. If possible the first few weeks that the mother is pregnant should be the easiest since this is the time where the body’s energy is distributed to the fetus. It is important however, to make sure that the mother gets enough sleep every day and takes her prenatal vitamins as well as prenatal care pills during this time. As the baby is developing inside the uterus to the placenta will start to develop and this is when it is time for the mother to let go and allow the child to be delivered.

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