outsource mailing services

For some organizations, particularly utilities and banks, mailings are the primary way they communicate with customers. For others, it’s secondary to in-person interactions. Either way, high-volume printing and mailing can drain resources that could be better spent on other activities. Find out https://www.onlinestatements.us/

Choosing the right print and mail services provider is critical. It can reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and allow your team to redeploy time spent on mailing projects to more beneficial tasks. Outsourcing is a great option for any business that wants to save money, time and space on printers, envelopes, postage and labor.

Operational Efficiency

An outsourced mailroom service can use presorting automation, bulk discounts and other tools to provide the lowest possible postal rates. They can also help to streamline the process by scanning and electronically transferring data files. Moreover, they can run data files through the National Change of Address database, CASS(tm) certification and Delivery Point Validation to identify outdated addresses and help improve delivery rates.

Outsourcing can also save your company money by eliminating the need to purchase expensive wide-format or production printers, high-volume mailing machines and franking equipment. It can also prevent you from paying for the service, maintenance, support and training associated with an in-house operation. This can be a significant amount of cash that could otherwise be saved or invested in other areas.

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