Workplace investigations Sydney is carried out by police officers, as well as the Australian Federal Police and the Department of Immigration and Customs. These investigative agencies can investigate a range of serious crimes, including serious workplace misconduct including violence, discrimination and harassment. Some workplace investigations result in the suspension or termination of an employee or establishment. This is not only embarrassing for the victim or victims, but also embarrassing for the employer. The very integrity of the business can be compromised if proper procedures are not followed when carrying out workplace investigations.

How to Protects Your Employees From Any Type Of Workplace Harassment

workplace investigations sydney

If you are considering hiring an investigator to conduct workplace investigations Sydney, whether it be for internal investigation or an external one, it is essential that you hire a specialist who has ample experience in this field. It is also important to hire an investigator who is both experienced and dedicated. A comprehensive background check is essential to ensure that the individual you are entrusting to your company’s sensitive information does not have a history of frivolous complaints lodged against them. Many businesses also carry out a pre-employment screening to ensure that they do not employ individuals with a history of workplace complaints. An experienced investigator can help you conduct an internal investigation as well as an external one so that you get the best outcomes for your business.

If you are concerned about the safety and well being of your employees, it is essential that you take every step necessary to mitigate any potential risk to your business and its clients. The promotion and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment is your responsibility as a business owner. You should ensure that you conduct workplace investigations Sydney as a matter of priority so that you can ensure your employees are protected from all forms of workplace harassment and other misconduct.

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