When people think of doing a yoga teacher training, Indonesia, they really aren’t thinking only of Bali, although, that certainly comes to mind. Regardless, of what you might imagine, yoga is offered almost anywhere in Indonesia. Almost any style of yoga exists in the many popular international yoga studios here in Ubud. What many people don’t realize is that there is another yoga tradition in Bali, and that is the practice of Hatha yoga. yoga certification bali in Bali is a great way to deepen your understanding of this ancient practice and gain a new understanding of yourself and your connection with yoga.

The Power of Yoga Certification

The tradition of yoga began in India thousands of years ago and spread to Nepal, then to Bali. Hatha yoga, which translates to “yoga for healing” was developed in Bali and has remained there ever since. Today, it is a part of almost every yoga teacher training course that you would look at, India or elsewhere in the world. But, many of the people who teach yoga certification courses in Bali do not even know that there is a second version of yoga, one that can only be learned at yoga certification seminars held in Bali.

Yoga certification in Bali is a great way to deepen your understanding of yoga, gain a deeper appreciation for all that yoga has to offer you and your students, and most importantly to deepen your own yoga practice. By taking a yoga teacher certification course in Bali, you can dedicate the next part of your life to developing and integrating yoga into your daily life. Yoga certification training is not inexpensive, but once you have completed your studies and passed the test, you will feel like a true teacher for sure. There are no other professions or schools that can offer so much for your personal growth, your love of yoga and for your happiness!

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